13 of Zendaya’s Best Red Carpet Looks From 2021

Zendaya is the recipient of the CFDA’s annual fashion icon of the year award. At 25, she’s the youngest to join the list of honorees that includes Naomi Campbell, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Pharrell Williams, Rihanna, and Jennifer Lopez. The recognition comes at no better time, coinciding well with her impressive roster of films and achievements for 2021. She has Dune and Spider Man: No Way Home under her belt, and is the spokesperson for fashion brands Bulgari and Valentino, having made her debut for the latter house right before the new year.

Zendaya‘s work with Image Architect Law Roach has only continued to inspire awe as the duo have constructed outfits that pay homage to iconic moments — and people — throughout history. With every red carpet, Zendaya champions the designer she’s wearing, emerging or renowned, and perfects a pose that will bring her look justice.

“I think about red carpets as having their own characters and narratives. We build a little story for all the looks. It’s like an extension of my acting career in a weird way — you just pop this wig on or whatever it is. Clothes sometimes are very emotional, so I get to embody these different facets — maybe they’re of myself, or maybe they’re alter egos. But I get to meet these different women through clothes,” she told InStyle this year.

To reminisce about her every appearance with us, click through the slideshow ahead, which is even sprinkled with videos of red carpet dresses that didn’t quite make it to the step and repeat, but still deserve every bit of acknowledgment.

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